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Melissa and Ian-Real wedding-as seen in Creme de la Bride
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On a hot summer day, in the middle of downtown Toronto, Melissa and Ian tied the knot in the beautiful courtyard of the Renaissance Hotel. Read their story from the Photographer’s view.

Bride: Melissa Brown

Groom: Ian Lewis

Wedding Date: August 24, 2014

Ceremony Location: Renaissance Hotel (Courtyard)

Why did you choose this location? It was conveniently close to reception venue.

Reception: The Captain Matthew Flinders–Mariposa Cruises

Melissa-Ian-Wedding-25/Samantha Ong Photography-Real Wedding-As featured in Creme de la Bride

What was the inspiration for your wedding?

Our wedding style was contemporary, with traditional elements. The colour scheme was shades of blue with coral/fuchsia. The underlying theme for the day was purpose.

Your Wedding Story as told by the photographer

It was a hot summer day in the middle of downtown Toronto. The Blue Jays were playing at the Rogers Centre. There were people everywhere, the sun was blazing, hot dogs were being sold by the second; chaos abound. But this day was different.

Melissa-Ian-Wedding-89/Samantha Ong Photography, real wedding as featured in Creme de la Bride

That day, right in the courtyard of The Renaissance Toronto Downtown Hotel, Melissa and Ian were wedded as husband and wife.

Melissa-Ian-Wedding-46/Samantha Ong Photography, real wedding as seen in Creme de la Bride

The trees in the courtyard beautifully shaded the ceremony as many fans from the Blue Jays came out to witness the ceremony and cheered their blessings for the couple. Melissa wore a stunning ruffled dress and coral heels to match her wedding colours.

Melissa-Ian-Wedding-50/Samantha Ong Photography, real wedding as featured in Creme de la Bride

I loved how adorable Melissa’s son was throughout the entire wedding day. He looked so happy and proud to walk his mother down the aisle and see her get married!

Melissa-Ian-Wedding-127/Samantha Ong Photography, real wedding as featured in Creme de la Bride


Melissa-Ian-Wedding-110/Samantha Ong Photography, real wedding as featured on Creme de la Bride

We made our way over to the Toronto Music Gardens for the wedding party photos. As the sun was setting, the light was so soft and warm. I loved these pictures with the bride and groom surrounded by flowers; but my favourite was right by the marina when the wind blew Melissa’s bridal veil for an amazing shot!

Melissa-Ian-Wedding-139/Samantha Ong Photography

Melissa-Ian-Wedding-135/Samantha Ong Photography

As we moved over to the reception on The Captain Matthew Flinders hosted by Mariposa Cruises right by the Toronto Harbour front Centre, we were able to get some nice sunset photos on the boat. The colours of the sky came out beautifully for a nice, timeless bride & groom photo.

Melissa-Ian-Wedding-120/Samantha Ong Photography, real wedding as featured in Creme de la Bride

Melissa-Ian-Wedding-111/Samantha Ong Photography

Melissa said that it was so cool that her engagement shoot was taken at sunrise and then her wedding photos were taken at sunset. We were lucky to be blessed with gorgeous skies; but even more so, a truly beautiful couple.

Samantha Ong Photography 


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